New Start for the Economy

We seek to bring together prospective innovators, funders and corporate partners/customers to feature ideas and solutions to restart the economy.


Our team, comprised of industry leaders, engineers, and professors bring deep private and public sector expertise

  • Vinay Gidwaney
  • Ramesh Raskar
  • Peter Scanlon
  • Rajeev Surati
    Computation and Imaging
  • Rebecca Xiong
  • Chris Kreis
    ASP.MD Inc.


Experts from various industries collaborate with us to discuss sector specific challenges and provide guidance on how we can use Safe Paths to address some of these challenges.

  • Miten Mehta
  • Eric Paley
    Founder Collective
  • Asha Jadeja Motwani
    Motwani Jadeja Foundation
  • Habib Haddad
    E14 Fund
  • Drew Volpe
    First Star Ventures
  • Russ Wilcox
    Pillar VC
  • John Werner
    MIT Fellow, VC, TEDx, IIA

Ideation Workshop

We will host a Safe Paths Innovators Ideation Workshop to bring together solution providers, solution seekers, and solution funders to feature ideas and solutions to restart the economy. The aim of the event is to connect innovators from around the world with funders and prospective corporate partners, and to find select solutions to collaborate with the Safe Paths team.

Solution Providers

Does your team or company have innovative ideas or solutions to help return to work and build new opportunities?

Click here, to submit a short summary + 1-6 slide deck (Deadline: Every Tuesday, 5 PM ET).

Solution Seekers

Does your business need solutions to help you re-open and operate safely?

Click here, to pose your challenge.

Solution Funders

Are you looking to invest to help businesses open again?

Click here, and bring your checkbook.